Some places are like people: some shine and some don’t.

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make me choose

tensmartha asked: basic sandwich or pascal’s triangle revisited?

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yea dude I drink a lot. Drink at parties all the time. yea you heard right, 9 capri suns. 9. in 45 minuets.

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"What kind of fanfiction do you like best?"


"What kind of fanfiction do you like best?"

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"The serialized nature of TV breeds anticipation, and anticipation breeds a kind of loyalty and excitement in viewers that I love. I watched The X-Files every week when I was a teenager and I was as devoted to it as I was to a boy I had a crush on. Watching it was one of the coziest hours of life. When Conan started at Late Night, I loved him like he was a movie star – but unlike with a movie star, I was rewarded with him every night of the week! Movies can’t do that. Being on TV builds a relationship with the viewer, and I feel really lucky to have that."
— Mindy Kaling when asked by Lena Dunham “What do you think is the power of TV, and why do you love it?” (via sdh309)
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